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Solving gigantic data problems with granular detail.

Our mission is to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of information and thus make AI safer to use, more efficient, and more effective. Doing so requires deeply fundamental changes in data management. Today, we safely unlock information in cloud data lakes for model training via data privacy and masking, and we reduce the cost to store and use ever-expanding data sets via data compression. Our future products will help data teams to directly improve their model performance and business outcomes.

Solving gigantic data problems

Fusing fundamental research with cloud-scale systems engineering.

Granica is an information and computer science company working on the hardest problems in data today. Our mission involves exploring and exploiting statistical correlations in streams of bytes, with high accuracy, at cloud-scale. We blend fundamental research in information science and machine intelligence with distributed systems engineering, to create cutting-edge and enterprise-ready AI infrastructure services.



Mountain View, CA




Deepak Ahuja

Former CFO, Tesla

CFO, Zipline

Kevin Hartz

Co-Founder & Chairman, Eventbrite

Co-Founder & General Partner, A* Capital

Frederic Kerrest

Executive Vice Chairman & Co-Founder, Okta

And other luminaries in business and tech

Let's build the future of AI efficiency, together.

A diversity of products requires a diversity of perspectives. We're on a mission to build tools that are easy to use and impossible to ignore — and we want your unique voice.

Whether you're a researcher, a systems engineer, an ML engineer, or simply someone interested in a more efficient future for AI, reach out.

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