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The Granica AI Data Platform

Granica is an AI training data management platform. It makes it simple and easy for AI/ML teams get their data ready for AI, enabling them to accelerate the impact of their AI initiative while controlling data lake costs through state-of-the-art data privacy screening, genAI-powered training data visibility, and novel lossless data lake compression.


Why choose the Granica data platform for trusted AI?

Make data safe for use with Analytics/AI/LLMs

Granica detects and de-identifies PII and other sensitive information in data lakes and LLM prompts for safer AI model training, improved performance, and simplified compliance.

Make data growth affordable while keeping data active

Granica compresses data lakes by up to 80% to save on storage and access costs, allowing you to control cloud costs as training data grows.

Gain deep visibility into your cloud data lakes

Granica facilitates Amazon and Google data lake exploration, access analysis, and cost optimization, improving compliance while further controlling cloud costs.

Accelerate AI impact with Granica AI Data Management

The Granica AI data platform is a control and data plane that runs entirely in your cloud environment, interacting with data in your cloud data lakes and their underlying object stores to improve the readiness of that data for AI. Granica services integrate with your applications to securely process and manage data. Key characteristics of the Granica architecture include:


Your data never leaves your environment. Granica’s control and data planes self-deploy and run as a single tenant, respecting your security policies.


The architecture is optimized for multiple availability zones (AZs) and leverages VPC peering to connect with your applications, maximizing availability while minimizing cross-AZ charges.


Granica combines the security and compliance benefits of a traditional VPC with the vendor-managed benefits of SaaS, providing the best of both worlds.

Granica’s platform consists of three AI data management products: Granica Crunch, a data lake compression service; Granica Screen, a data privacy service; and Granica Chronicle AI, a training data visibility service.


Granica Screen: Data privacy for safer, better AI

Granica Screen is a data privacy service that helps teams detect, classify, and de-identify sensitive information stored in cloud data lake files and LLM prompts. It uses high-efficiency, ML-powered scanning algorithms to deliver state-of-the-art accuracy on industry benchmark data while safely unlocking 5-10 times more data for training vs. traditional approaches at a similar cost.


Granica Crunch: Data lake compression to shrink cloud costs

Granica Crunch is the world’s only data cost management service, purpose built for cloud data lakes. It uses advanced compression algorithms that persist data as efficiently as possible, paired with lightning-fast real-time decompression upon access, allowing it to losslessly shrink petabyte-scale training data sets by up to 80%.


Granica Chronicle AI: Training data visibility and cost optimization

Granica Chronicle AI is a training data visibility service for AWS and Google Cloud data lake exploration and cost optimization. It allows you to explore your data environment with GenAI-powered prompts that generate visualizations and actionable insights so you can optimize access for improved compliance as well as optimize data lifecycles to further control data lake costs.


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Granica is Built for Enterprise AI

Scales to hundreds of petabytes

Adheres to SOC 2 Type 2 standards

Runs in your Virtual Private Cloud

One platform API with many services

Data never leaves your environment

Deep data lake observability

Auto-scales based on workload

Outcomes-based pricing model


in breach risk $ mitigated


in cloud cost $ saved


of data lakes processed


clouds supported

Data types supported

NLP, Text, Clickstream, Logs, Tabular, LiDAR, Image, and everything in between.

The Granica AI data management platform supports a wide range of data types. Bring us your unique requirements, and we can customize the platform for your use case.









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Improve AI outcomes and ROI with the Granica training data platform

Granica is a developer-first, petabyte-scale platform that helps AI/ML teams build better AI models while reducing cloud data lake costs. With the Granica AI data platform, you can safely utilize LLMs and GenAI, unlock siloed dark data for training, and reallocate infrastructure savings to acquire more data.

Request a 1:1 demo to see how the Granica AI training data platform can help you create better models and reduce cloud costs.